I have a Facebook account…it seems the entire world does.  I got my account to connect with long lost friends, family and classmates.  I succeeded in finding almost everyone I knew and a few found me as well.  Although I do have an account my postings are very limited.  In the beginning I was putting up pictures of me, my new hairstyle, my grandson and every video I took documenting is growth.  After a while it became a bit much.  I started feeling like my life was revolving around FB.  I actually have the phone numbers of some of those people and yet I will only reach out on FB.  When did the internet become the new way of communicating.  What happened to reading a persons facial expressions, giving a hug, holding hands or just hanging out??

Don’t get me started on the selfies!  I actually had one FB friend post selfies of her in the hospital..I mean in the hospital bed!  Really?  When does it become obvious that we are oversharing information and how do you tell that person without sounding like a whiner?   Don’t get me wrong I know I have the option of blocking all of her posts but then what would be the reason to stay friends with her on FB?  It’s not that I don’t like all of her posts or posts from my other friends for that matter…I just have an issue with sharing too much information.

My sis in DC does not call me…let me repeat…does not call me.  Yet I can go on FB and see every thing she has done in her life.  She puts up the most information of all of my friends.  If she is mad she will post these cryptic messages on her page.  I’m always thinking to myself…why the hell doesn’t she just tell the person she is talking about.  She actually posted a happy birthday message to me and NEVER called me to express it voice to voice.  For me that is a problem.  It makes me feel that she is out of touch with reality a bit.  Social media is great and it’s a useful tool.  However, when it starts to replace your actual LIFE, it’s time to take a step back and look at some things.

I have no problem with moving along with the times.  But sometimes it’s okay to stop and enjoy the hear and now.  Get out of the house and actually meet the people.  Remove the middle man (your computer, cell phone, tablet) and start socializing.  Go to a cookout, visit a friend, hang out with family, take a trip.  Life is happening and you are missing it while sitting in front of your computer.  On that note..I am about to go make life happen!


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